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Types of Food Poisoning

Food and water contaminated by bacteria virusesparasites or toxins are the reason why holidaymakers each year fall ill during holidays abroad.

Most illness and sickness experienced by infected individuals caused by food poisoning on holiday present with similar symptoms typically characterised by diarrhoea – sickness and vomiting and painful stomach cramps.

For most victims of food poisoning who suffer illness on holiday the symptoms are short lived, lasting between 7 and 21 days. However, some holidaymakers develop secondary conditions such as reactive arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and intolerance to certain types of food. These conditions are often debilitating and effect daily life and warrant substantial compensation.

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The 4 main types of food poisoning are:

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Common Sources of Food Poisoning

The most common foods associated with food poisoning are often the most popular dishes served at buffets and barbecues at hotels abroad:

  • Chicken – Beef and Pork food poisoning is caused by various strains of bacteria
  • Fish and shellfish food poisoning can be bacterial but can also be caused by parasites and toxins that contaminate sea water

Food poisoning can be split into two categories – Infectious food poisoning and toxic food poisoning.

Infectious causes usually affect the digestive system causing stomach pains and are due to bacteriaparasites and viruses that attack the digestive system after their consumption.

Toxic food poisoning has the capacity to attack the entire body overwhelming the person's immune system and causing symptoms some of which typically include loss of balance – skin rashes and a rapid heartbeat.

Typically food poisoning is caused through bacteria however food poisoning can also be viral.

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