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Simpson Millar LLP offers a no-win, no-fee claims arrangement in respect of any holiday illness you have picked up in Tunisia. For free help and an initial legal consultation regarding your claim, freephone 0808 145 1353 or contact us using the online form.

Tunisia is Moorish – but holidays are spoilt by Illness

Tunisia has a lot going for it - there’s Middle Eastern promise in the form of mosques, hammams and medinas.

Tunisia's colourful history can be experienced by tourists who regularly visit its numerous museums and archaeological sites. Holidaymakers can wander the narrow alleys of the souks, haggle like a local for some handcrafted souvenir in its bazaars, or consume its wonderful cuisine.

But it's not all ancient history and bustling bazaars – when it comes to holidays in Tunisia, many holidaymakers suffer from serious gastric illnesses whist staying at all inclusive hotels. So what can you do about it?

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Claiming compensation for Tunisian holiday sickness and food poisoning.

When you buy a package holiday your tour operator is responsible for the faults and failures of its third party suppliers, including the services of the hotel, the coach transfer operation, or on a pre-arranged trip or excursion.

So if you suffer a gastric illness as a result of food poisoning or because you swam in a dirty and contaminated swimming pool, your tour operator is liable to compensate you.

Provided your Tunisian holiday took place in the last 3 years and your gastric illness was the hotel's fault, you might find you've a really strong case for compensation!

Tunisia and holiday illness compensation claims

Our travel team of expert lawyers frequently help tourists who have become sick whilst holidaying in Tunisia. We've often helped large groups of holidaymakers hit by illness to successfully claim compensation as part of a group action.

What are the typical health and hygiene problems on a Tunisian holiday?

Many tourist travelling to Tunisia seek help from one of our specialist lawyers following episodes of diarrhoea – stomach cramps – fever and flu like symptoms. These classic symptoms of food poisoning are commonly experienced by UK travellers who are subsequently diagnosed with Campylobacter, E. coli and Salmonella upon their return to the UK. Stools are normally taken by GP’s who then notify the Environmental Health Authority of any confirmed diagnosis of food poisoning.

There are also typically outbreaks of waterborne infections which need extra care, such as illness from Cryptosporidiosis and Giardiasis. These diseases in humans are caused by parasites which multiply in poorly maintained and faecally contaminated swimming pool water.

Holiday Hotel Watch

Which destinations in Tunisia should I watch out for?

Our no-win, no-fee claims service covers hotels in the following resorts in Tunisia:

What about holiday companies?

Here are a few of the tour operators marketing Tunisian holidays:

Was there an Outbreak of holiday illness at your hotel?

Have you been unwell after getting back from Tunisia? A review of travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Holiday Watchdog, and will determine whether you were not alone. If there was an outbreak of illness then other travellers will complain of travel sickness and often support claims for food poisoning.

Hotel-Watch and

Hotel-Watch will tell you the Tunisian hotels our specialists travel lawyers have been contacted about. If you were struck down by an infection or illness, contact us for further advice and assistance. For more details, go to our hotel blog:

Visit our website to see if your hotel in Tunisia has been affected, and find out the thoughts of fellow holidaymakers.

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