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Tenerife Illness and your Right to Claim Holiday Compensation

Travel companies, who sell package holidays to Tenerife, are responsible for exercising reasonable skill and care in the provision of the facilities and services that they sell. The kitchens at your hotel in Tenerife should be clean, and the food served should be prepared hygienically to avoid Food Poisoning.

Food that is cooked, stored, and prepared properly will not contain harmful infectious agents such as Shigella, E. Coli or Salmonella. If you have been diagnosed with food poisoning, and you travelled abroad on a regulated package holiday, your tour operator is liable to pay you compensation.

Tenerife Holiday Illness Claim – Food Poisoning

There is a reasonable variety of international food and drink served in hotels in Tenerife, with most European nations represented, including, of course, Spain. The locals also have many regional specialities, which rely on local products – fish, tomato, sweet potato etc. Tenerife is famous for its wrinkled, salty potato dish or Papas arrurgadas.

Holiday Illness Claims Lawyers can help if you suffered from holiday illness during a trip to Tenerife, particularly if you are on a package holiday with a well known Uk tour operator.

Food should always be cooked properly and served at the correct temperature, and therefore, if you are served undercooked food at a lukewarm temperature, you should be wary about what else you eat at your hotel.

Where to go in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, offering holidaymakers more sights, more towns and cities to explore, more attractions and more contrasts than any of the other islands. Where else could you visit a banana plantation and then take a drive half way up a mountain for a snowball fight? Tenerife's main resorts include:

5 Trips to Enjoy – Assuming you are not Ill in Tenerife!

If you suffered from food poisoning on holiday then your holiday sickness would have prevented you from enjoying a number of excursions. If you missed out on one of the following trips due to holiday illness then loss of enjoyment should form part of your Tenerife holiday illness claim:

  • Loro Parque – with tigers, sharks, gorillas, chimps and the biggest population of penguins outside the Arctic, you'll find loads to do here. With more than 700 parrots, a killer whale, and dolphin shows, Loro Pargue is a fun day out for all the family.
  • Siam Park – there is loads to enjoy at Europe's largest waterpark, but, if the rides get too much, there are animals to see, a children's play area and you can even learn to catch a wave at the surf school.
  • Medieval Night – step back in time to the Middle Ages and feast on a banquet fit for a king and enjoy a re-enactment of fighting knights on horseback in shining armour.
  • Freebird Catamaran Trip - soak up the sun and set sail for a view of Tenerife on this fun cruise - keep your eyes open for whales and dolphins. There are expert guides on board who will tell you about other marine creatures that swim in the crystal clear waters below.
  • Parque Nacional Del Teide – visit Mount Teide, the huge and impressive volcano, which is Spain's highest peak.

Spanish Tummy - Holiday Illness in Tenerife

Similar to mainland Spain, standards in Tenerife are acceptable, but in the event you are ill on holiday then most doctors speak and understand some English. Citizens of the European Union are eligible for free medical hospital treatment, provided you have completed the E111 form and taken it with you. The emergency numbers in Tenerife are 112 and for the police 091.

The majority of holidays to Tenerife are memorable but some holidays are ruined by food poisoning or holiday illness

Package tour operators should make sure that your holiday to Tenerife is supplied properly, and this includes ensuring that the food served is fit for consumption and that it will not make you ill with Salmonellosis, Campylobacteriosis or any other food borne bacterial illness!

Types of Illness Associated with Tenerife

Food poisoning and, the waterborne swimming pool illness, Cryptosporidiosis are the most common causes of sickness amongst holidaymakers returning to the UK from Tenerife. Typical food borne infections caused by bacteria, such as Salmonella – Shigella – E. Coli and Campylobacter, are also regularly reported in Tenerife.

Holiday Claims Service for those Ill in Tenerife

Simpson Millar provide a 'No Win No Fee' holiday compensation claims service for victims of gastric illness and hotel sickness caused by food poisoning, dirty swimming pools or unsanitary conditions in Tenerife.

Our Holiday Illness Lawyers pursue claims for those travellers who become ill abroad with gastric infections, whilst on package holidays to Tenerife with UK tour operators.

Our Holiday Illness Claims team closely monitors hotels for outbreaks of illness reported on popular travel websites, such as HolidayTruths, TripAdvisor etc. The hotels we monitor are those supplied by the leading UK tour operators, who include:

Holiday Hotel Watch

If your Tenerife holiday was ruined by illness and you would like to know more about claiming compensation then call a member of our Holiday Illness Claims Team

Simpson Millar LLP Advice – Always Look Before You Book

Check out Tripadvisor – Holidaywatchdog and Holidaytruths to see if your hotel in Tenerife has been affected by a mysterious gastric bug or if other holidaymakers have complained about falling ill with food poisoning or a parasite from a dirty swimming pool.

Check out Holiday-Hotel-Watch to see which hotels in Tenerife our Holiday Illness Claims Lawyers have been contacted about illness.