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Northern Majorca – Island Resorts

Did you suffer from a gastric illness such as Salmonella Cryptosporidium or Shigellosis during a trip to Majorca with a UK tour operator? Majorca holiday illness experts regularly help dissatisfied holidaymakers claim compensation from their holiday complaint.

  • Have you suffered from food poisoning whilst on holiday in Majorca?
  • Did dirty and contaminated pool water expose you to sickness?
  • Were other people subjected to a holiday bug at your hotel?
  • Was your package holiday ruined by poor hotel hygiene?

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Latest News – Cryptosporidium Compensation Success

Birmingham County Court handed a landmark victory to 49 holidaymakers who were subjected to contaminated and dirty swimming pool water whilst staying at the Son Baulo Hotel in Majorca. Judge Worster criticised Thomson Holidays suggesting that the tour operator knew that the hotel's pool was infected with the holiday illness bug Cryptosporidium. It was claimed that the decision by the tour operator to continue to send holidaymakers to the hotel was 'probably largely motivated by commercial considerations'.

If you have been sick or ill in Majorca with a gastric holiday illness and you were on a package holiday then the Package Travel Regulations 1992 allow you to pursue a holiday compensation claim against your tour operator.

Illness in Alcudia – We Monitor Hotels for Food Poisoning

Roman and Moorish influences, first settled by the Phoenicians and Greeks, Alcudia has a quaint harbour, calm white beaches, azure warm waters. Roman ruins nearby, kite surfing, interesting iron artwork and has a lively nightlife.

Our Majorca Holiday Illness Claims Specialists routinely check the following Alcudia Hotels for illness and sickness outbreaks:

FACT: Cryptosporidium is usually an acute self-limiting diarrhoeal illness, commonly lasting 1-2 weeks in duration, from which the infected holidaymaker normally fully recovers.

Food Poisoning In C’an Picafort – Look Before you Book

C'an Picafort has 13 kilometres of stunning white silky sands curving gently around a horseshoe-shaped bay. There's a weekly street market along the promenade and a nature reserve near the shimmering bay.

Ca'n Picafort hotels monitored by our Majorca Illness Compensation Lawyers for sickness outbreaks include:

FACT: Cryptosporidium oocysts are excreted in the faeces of infected persons or animals. They are resistant to adverse conditions including chlorine at levels used in water treatment and so they can survive in water for many months. When ingested the bug releases infective spores which set up a new cycle of infection in their victim.

Sickness in Puerto Pollensa – Complaints and Compensation Claims

This fishing village has everything with exquisite Tramuntana mountain scenery, glorious beaches, and a laid back friendly atmosphere. Puerto Pollensa has a sheltered horseshoe beach making it a family favourite.

Hotels in Puerto Pollensa our Holiday Claims Specialists monitor for illness and sickness outbreaks include:

FACT: Campylobacter can be transmitted by handling raw chicken and pork. It can also be contracted by holidaymakers in contact with stray dogs and cats, and even birds!

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Puerto De Soller – Illness Claims and Majorca

Puerto De Soller has an old-time character with traditional charm, and its beaches are warm with glassy waters. Soller is close by for shopping and fine restaurants and the majestic Alfabia Gardens.

Hotels in Puerto De Soller our Holiday Claims Specialists monitor for illness bugs and sickness outbreaks include:

FACT: The risk of infection by E. coli can be greatly reduced by maintaining high standards of hygiene. Food handlers must be educated on the importance of hand washing before, during, and after food preparation. Separation of surfaces, utensils and persons handling raw and cooked food will help to prevent infection.

San Vicente – How to Claim Compensation for Sickness

Smaller than the other resorts San Vicente is still a fishing port. Sandy coves and the aqua sea gently laps towering cliffs. It has quaint narrow streets, shops, stone houses and arty cafes.

Hotels in San Vicente our Compensation Holiday Specialists keep a check on for sickness are:

FACT: Bacteria are everywhere. They live in the air we breathe and the water we drink, in the soil and in the sea. Some can cause disease and holiday illness, but many are extremely useful to man.

Talk to our Majorca Holiday Illness Compensation Team today if you suffered from a gastric illness during a package holiday at one of the hotels listed above. If your stay in Majorca was spoilt by food poisoning such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. coli or Shigella or by a water-borne parasitic infection such as Cryptosporidium or Giardia then claim compensation for your ruined holiday.

Simpson Millar LLP's Travel Lawyers are renowned for achieving excellent results when pursuing tour operators for compensation on behalf of those who have suffered an illness abroad.