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Mother Seeks Damages from TUI after Daughter contracts E.Coli in Egypt

Dated: 1st August 2019

A British holidaymaker is suing tour operator TUI after her daughter developed a serious kidney infection while staying at the Jaz Makadi Aquaviva hotel in Hurghada, Egypt.

Keelie Averill's daughter Daisie-Rae, who was 2 at the time, fell ill after eating food from the buffet and was rushed to hospital by ambulance. She was diagnosed with Haemolytic Urameic Syndrome (HUS) - a rare kidney infection caused by bug E.Coli - which left her with severe kidney damage.

Daisie-Rae underwent a blood transfusion, but her condition continued to deteriorate and she was given a 50% chance of survival. As a result, she was rushed by air ambulance to another hospital in Cairo, where she was given dialysis treatment that proved unsuccessful.

The infant was then flown back to a children's hospital in London, where she spent 3 weeks and received a further blood transfusion and more dialysis treatment. She sustained acute kidney failure as a result of the infection, which means she must undergo regular check-ups to monitor her kidney function and take iron supplements every day.

Daisie-Rae's mum has been told by doctors that they don't know the scale of the damage to her kidneys, so will need to have regular check-ups until she is a teenager.

Ms Averill subsequently reported her daughter's illness to TUI, but felt fobbed off when it issued a standard reply. Furthermore, she believes the tour operator was unhelpful when she tried to get hold of documentation so she could make an insurance claim, and said TUI never contacted her following her return home to see if Daisie-Rae was okay. 
She has therefore got in touch with Simpson Millar's team of specialist Holiday Accident Claims Solicitors for help with getting compensation from TUI.

Holiday Claims Lawyer Simon Lomax, who has taken on the case, said, "This family have been through hell and back and now another child on a TUI holiday is going through the same thing. The tour operator needs to do much more to prevent infection in family resorts and to stop children from ending up in hospital."

Ms Averill has decided to speak out following news of another E.Coli outbreak in Hurghada, as she believes her family's ordeal was the worst thing she has ever experienced.

"I feel so sorry for the other families now going through what we did," she said. "I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I am now reliving it all again. I didn't think I would bring my daughter home. We warned TUI but it doesn't seem to have made a difference if children are still getting ill in their hotels.

"I had to take legal action to warn other families and stop this happening to anyone else."

Ms Averill added that while she took it for granted that she and her family would be safe in a 5-star hotel, she would now no longer trust them with her child.

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