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Jaz Makadi Aquaviva illness concerns for holidaymakers

We are representing a group of holidaymakers who have contracted holiday illness whilst staying at the all-inclusive Jaz Makadi Aquaviva hotel with symptoms including diarrhoea, cramps and nausea.

The Jaz Makadi Aquaviva is located in the Madinat Makadi area, with Hurghada City only 30km away. The 5 star hotel is promoted by UK Tour Operator First Choice Holidays as part of their ‘SplashWorld’ programme which includes "free entry to one of Egypt's biggest waterparks, so you’ve got 50 slides and chutes on tap" and claiming that it is the "ultimate aqua spot for water babies, young and old."

The hotel appears to be the perfect family holiday destination, but the following concerns have been reported at the hotel:

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Jaz Makadi Aquaviva: Tripadvisor reviews

Our client’s are not the only holidaymakers who have fallen ill at the Jaz Makadi Aquaviva. Reviews on tripadvisor report that “6 out of the 8 of us had a dodgy tummy at some point in the hotel.” With Sarah S confirming that “the quality of the food was not superb” and her “husband suffered from diarrhoea and vomiting.”

All of these can lead to holiday illness. However, a tripadvisor reviewer from Scarborough comments that a child “pooed all in the pool.”

Swimming pools are common places for causing holiday illness. A person may become infected by drinking contaminated water if they come in contact with parasites, the most common Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Giardia is the most frequent cause of waterborne diarrhoea, causing giardiasis. People become infected after swallowing water that has been contaminated by feaces. This may occur by drinking infected water but may also be found in swimming pools.

Cryptosporidium is a parasite found in the intestine of those with the infection or animals. The Cryptosporidium parasite is released in faeces. It can also be found in food, water, soil, or contaminated surfaces. A person can contract cryptosporidium by ingesting contaminated water, drinks, uncooked food, unwashed fruits and vegetables and it is highly contagious.

Seek medical attention

We would therefore urge those who have recently been to the Jaz Makadi Aquaviva and experienced any of the symptoms above, to seek medical attention.

Here at Simpson Millar we have a team of travel law specialists who monitor hotels in Hurghada that are promoted by UK Tour Operators including First Choice, Thomson and Thomas Cook. We also represent client’s who have contracted holiday illness whilst staying at the:

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