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Ill in Varadero – Claim Compensation for Food Poisoning

Simpson Millar’s specialist holiday lawyers handled numerous illness complaints involving hotels in Varadero, Cuba, in 2012, and recovered substantial compensation for those who suffered sickness whilst abroad.

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A favourite of Al Capone, Varadero is Cuba's favourite beach destination. Whether it's relaxing on a soft white beach, sipping a mojito or golfing, this resort stretching 13 miles along a peninsula is spectacular. What can you do if your stay in Cuba is spoilt by sickness?

Cuba - Varadero Holiday Claims Advice

Varadero hotels our Cuban Holiday Claims Lawyers monitor for indications of sickness outbreaks and food poisoning include:

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Holiday sickness and food poisoning can occur when travelling with any tour operator including Thomas Cook, Virgin, First Choice and Thomson. Gastric illness from food poisoning can be caused by bacteria such as CampylobacterE. Coli Salmonella and Giardia Lamblia. Foodborne bacteria is not the only hygiene concern for tour operator’s as protozoa living in swimming pools can also cause severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps and fever to guests.

Giardia Fact: Giardia is a bug that can infect your intestines and cause 'giardiasis' which can lead to severe diarrhoea and dehydration. Infection often occurs after drinking water contaminated with giardia, or eating food prepared or washed using contaminated water. Those most at risk of Giardiasis include travellers to areas where the holiday bug is common and this includes destinations such as Cuba. Treatment includes antibiotics and drinking plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

If you have suffered sickness, i.e. E. Coli, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lamblia etc. in Cuba, and seek compensation for a disastrous holiday, contact Simpson Millar Solicitors immediately for a free initial claims assessment. Our team of travel lawyers specialise in handling claims against tour operators pursuant to the Package Travel Regulations and we are happy to discuss representation. Contact us today on 0808 145 1353 or complete the online enquiries form and see if we can take on your holiday claim against First Choice, Virgin, Thomas Cook etc.