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Food Poisoning on Holiday in Skanes or Mahdia, Tunisia?

If an outbreak of food poisoning occurs on holiday a number of general measures should be implemented by hotel staff and holidaymakers to limit further spread. They should be undertaken once the local authorities have been notified and include: thorough hand washing after going to the toilet and before eating food; reviewing hygiene procedures and food preparation areas; and ensuring that all affected food handlers do not return to work until they are given the all clear by their doctor.

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Call our Food Poisoning Advice Line on 0808 145 1353.

Skanes and Mahdia – Food Poisoning and Illness Watch

Holidays to Skanes and Mahdia are ideal for those who worship the sun – it’s all about the beaches in these destinations as there is limited nightlife. Skanes is located on Tunisia’s Eastern Coast between Sousse and Monasir, whilst the town of Mahdia with its endless beaches is further south.

Can I claim compensation if I suffer food poisoning?

Holidaymakers staying in Skanes or Mahdia who ingest contaminated food and suffer diarrhoea – malaise – nausea – fever and severe stomach cramps as a result are advised to seek medical treatment from a doctor. It is not uncommon to be asked to provide a stool sample to test for the presence of campylobacter – e coli – shigella or salmonella food poisoning or the swimming pool parasites cryptosporidium or giardia lamblia. If you were ill in Tunisia call Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness team today on 0808 145 1353 today for advice!

We are monitoring the following hotels in Skanes and Mahdia for illness:

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Shigella – Salmonella – E Coli Hotline?
Call for Food Poisoning Advice on 0808 145 1353.

Holidaymakers who have experienced food poisoning at a hotel in Skanes or Mahdia can call us on 0808 145 1353 for free – no obligation – advice. If you have suffered illness one of our experts in food poisoning claims will be able to help you through the personal injury claims process. We specialise in the field of holiday illness claims against UK tour operators.

Holiday Claims and the 1992 Package Travel Regulations

Holidaymakers travelling abroad with UK tour operators such as Airtours, Thomas Cook, First Choice, Thomson etc., are protected by legislation. The Package Travel Regulations allow British Holidaymakers to claim compensation from their holiday company in the UK when they return home from Tunisia. For clear, straight talking advice on pursuing claims against tour operators, please call us today.