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Port El Kantaoui & Sousse, Tunisia – Illness Watch

Holidaymakers should expect a high standard of hygienic practices in the preparation and storage of food at their hotel, together with the use and maintenance of clean kitchen areas and equipment. This is vital for ensuring the safe delivery of food to hotel guests in Port El Kanatoui. Simpson Millar LLP claim that all hotels in Tunisia should be using HACCP procedures approved by the Federation of Tour Operators. They should in place in relation to the preparation, storage and handling of food. If not, then compensations claims are inevitable.

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Port El Kanatoui and Sousse - Illness Watch

Port El Kanatoui is a purpose built holiday resort located 10 km north of Sousse on Tunisia’s Mediterranean coastline. 30 minutes from Monastir airport, the resort caters for a more upmarket clientele with its numerous 5 star hotels, a marina, and golf course. Sousse is a sizable city bordering the Gulf of Hammamet which was developed in the 60’s as a tourist destination - tourists enjoy its historic town, marina and sandy beaches.

How do I claim compensation from my tour operator for illness?

Holidaymakers staying in Sousse or Port El Kanatour who suffer severe diarrhoea, fever, malaise, stomach cramps, headaches and vomiting are advised to seek medical treatment from their General Practitioner. These symptoms often indicate food poisoning and if your stool culture is positive for salmonella – amebiasis - e coli – cryptosporidium or campylobacter call Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Compensation Claims Team today on 0808 145 1353.

We are watching the following hotels in Port El Kanatoui for illness outbreaks:

We are checking the following hotels in Sousse for food poisoning:

Struck down with food poisoning at a hotel in Port El Kantaoui or Sousse?

Call Simpson Millar’s travel team on 0808 145 1353 for help. If you have suffered sickness or injury our Travel Law team will be able to claim compensation for you pursuant to the Pre Action Protocol for Personal Injury Claims - we are experts in food poisoning, cryptosporidium and salmonella holiday claims.

Your Legal Right and the 1992 Package Travel Regulations

UK Travellers to either Port El Kantaoui or Sousse are protected by powerful consumer protection regulation. The Package Travel Regulations allow tourists to claim compensation from holiday companies in the UK for their ‘Holiday Nightmare.’

For clear, no straight talking advice on making a holiday claim against your travel company, please give us a call on 0808 145 1353.