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Holiday Village Red Sea Resort Illness Claims

Simpson Millar’s has a claim team dedicated to pursuing compensation claims for those who are ill or injured at First Choice’s Holiday Village Red Sea in Egypt. We currently represent over 200 holidaymakers who suffered from gastric symptoms commonly associated with food poisoning, i.e. watery diarrhoea – severe stomach cramps – fever and headaches.

  • Suffered Salmonella at the Red Sea Holiday Village?
  • Pink Chicken, Sewage Smells, Sickness and Diarhhoea?
  • Specialist travel lawyers for First Choice customers sick in Egypt.
  • Cryptosporidium and poor swimming pool hygiene!

Advertised as the ‘Ultimate Family Holiday’ this super-sized complex in Sharm el Sheik has developed a reputation for poor hygiene and outbreaks of illness. Our travel lawyers believe earlier sickness outbreaks at the Holiday Village Red Sea have been attributed to faecally contaminated pool water and food poisoning.

Red Sea Holiday Village Illness – What Bugs have been Identified?

We are first choice for holidaymakers who suffered illness at the Red Sea Holiday Village. In the last three years Simpson Millar’s travel lawyers have handled claims involving the following bacterial and protozoa infections at the Holiday Village Red Sea:

First Choice for Salmonella Compensation

Salmonella generally lives in the intestines of animals, including birds. Salmonella is usually transmitted to holidaymakers by eating foods contaminated with animal faeces. These contaminated foods are typically from animal origin such as beef, chicken, milk and eggs but all foods, including vegetables, may be contaminated if particularly if washed in contaminated water. Salmonella are commonly found in raw eggs and undercooked chicken and eggs. It is possible for holidaymakers at the Red Sea Holiday Village to contract it from person-to-person spread usually during the acute diarrhoeal phase of the illness.

Holiday Village Red Sea Salmonella : Freephone 0808 145 1353

First Choice for Cryptosporidium Claims

Cryptosporidiosis is a diarrhoeal illness often contract abroad which caused by a parasite called cryptosporidium. Both the disease and the parasite are commonly known as “crypto”. The incubation period (the time from first swallowing the cryptosporidium cysts to becoming ill) is normally 2-10 days. The Illness often starts with loss of appetite, nausea and stomach cramps. This is followed by profuse watery diarrhoea, vomiting (in children), and mild fever. In otherwise healthy travellers’ the illness lasts for about 2 weeks. Travellers staying at the Holiday Village Red Sea with weakened immune system you are at risk of more severe illness.

Young children are most likely to become seriously infected by cryptosporidium because they spend a large proportion of their holiday swimming in the pool.

Cryptosporidium at the Holiday Village Red Sea: Freephone 0808 145 1353

First Choice for E. coli Complaints

Most E. coli are common bacteria which normally live in the intestines of humans and are harmless. Normally these E. coli are friendly bacteria as they suppress the growth of harmful species – they also synthesize vitamins.

Certain types of E. coli however can cause numerous infections to holidaymakers which affect the intestines or in or the bloodstream and urinary tract. One subtype of E. coli produces toxins and can cause severe infection in travellers. The most important E. coli which travellers to the Red Sea Holiday Village should be wary off is the strain E. coli O157.

Holiday Village Red Sea E. coli: Freephone 0808 145 1353

First Choice for Campylobacter Claims

Campylobacter is one of the most common causes of food poisoning for British travellers’ staying in Egypt. The vast majority of travel cases occur as isolated events because the bug does not grow in food it spreads easily so that only a few bacteria in a piece of undercooked pink chicken could cause illness.

An infected holidaymaker staying at the Holiday Village Red Sea may feel nauseous, run a temperature and feel off-colour for a few days before the attack. Travellers’ may have picked up the bug up to 10 days before the start of the illness, although the average incubation period is 2-5 days.

Severe stomach cramps followed by profuse diarrhoea are the main symptoms. The diarrhoea can be watery and slimy and is usually dark in colour. There may also be traces of blood.

Holiday Village Red Sea Campylobacter: Freephone 0808 145 1353

TripAdvisor Reviews – Genuine and Independent?

Holiday Hotel Watch

“An expensive Butlins. Terrible food, terrible wine, terrible beer. The only positives were the room was ok and the coach trip out, was short.”

We suspect that many reviews on TripAdvisor are not left by genuine holidaymakers but by those with a financial interest in the holiday village resorts themselves. Reviews saying, “Amazing holiday don't listen to bad reviews” with duplicate phrases and spelling mistakes across several entries often dilutes the genuine views of travellers.

Simpson Millar’s travel team have noticed that when an outbreak of illness occurs the entries often stop – our clients have also told us that their reviews are often taken down, particularly if they mention salmonella or other types of gastric illness.

Let Simpson Millar Lawyers Help You Claim Compensation

Contact Simpson Millar LLP’s Holiday Compensation Claims team today if you have been sick at the Holiday Village Red Sea. If you know about a First Choice Holiday Village or another hotel in Egypt where guests have been subjected to food poisoning or because the swimming pool was dirty kindly let us know and we will investigate.

If you contracted Salmonella – Shigella – Dysentery or food poisoning or a water-borne holiday bug such as Cryptosporidium or Giardia then claim compensation. Simpson Millar LLP’s specialist Holiday Claims Lawyers are renowned for achieving superb results.