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Hammamet and Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia – Illness Watch

Breaking News July 2013 – families the victims of Salmonella as numerous children return from the Holiday Village Manar in Hammamet ill. The Environmental Health has implicated a bacterial infection from Salmonella amongst those reporting illness. Salmonella is often attributed to the consumption of contaminated food. If it transpires that food poisoning is the source of the infection, those instructing Simpson Millars travel lawyers can expect to recover substantial compensation.

Many diseases are most infectious just before or at the time the symptoms start. It is therefore important that Holidaymakers who are ill in Tunisia, or when they develop symptoms upon arrival home, should contact a doctor immediately. Obvious signs of food poisoning are diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, and malaise. As a general rule, if these symptoms last longer than 48 hours it is unlikely to be a virus and therefore you may be entitled to claim compensation from your tour operator in the UK. Holiday Hotel Watch

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Hammamet and Yasmine Hammamet - Illness Watch

Hammamet is one of Tunisia main tourist areas, located only 1 hour from Tunis and Monastir airports. Tour operators claim that that the former village has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Just 6 minutes from Hammamet is the new tourist development of Yasmine Hammamet with just over 30 new hotels, a large marina with hundreds of moorings, and a walled medina area with covered markets.

But how do you claim compensation if your suffer sickness?

Holidaymakers staying in Hammamet or Yasmine Hammamet who experience profuse diarrhoea, malaise, abdominal cramps, high fever and vomiting are advised to seek immediate advice from their doctor. These symptoms typically point to food poisoning and if your stool culture reveals the presence of e coli - salmonella – campylobacter bacteria or the water borne parasites giardiasis or cryptosporidium call Simpson Millar’s Holiday Sickness Claims team today on 0808 145 1353.

We are watching the following hotels in Hammamet for food poisoning:

We are also monitoring the following hotels in Yasmine Hammamet for illness:

If you have suffered food poisoning at one of the above hotels in Hammamet or Yasmine Hammamet call us on 0808 145 1353 for a free initial consultation. If you have suffered sickness our Travel Law team will be able to guide you through the compensation claims process. We are experts in e coli poisoning, campylobacter and salmonella holiday claims.

Your Legal Right and the 1992 Package Travel Regulations

Holidaymakers travelling to either Hammamet or Yasmine Hammamet are protected by powerful consumer regulation. The Package Travel Regulations enables UK tourists to claim from their tour operator in the UK for their ‘Holiday from Hell.’ For clear, no nonsense advice on making a claim against your tour operator, please give us a call on 0808 145 1353.