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Rhodes Holiday Illness Resorts – Nicknamed the 'Sun Island'

If you suffered from a gastric illness whilst on a package holiday with a UK tour operator in the last three years, our professional travel lawyers can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

  • Diagnosed with a bacterial infection or holiday bug in Rhodes?
  • Was your holiday blighted by Salmonella, E coli or Campylobacter?
  • Viral illness, over indulgence, heat or holiday food poisoning?
  • Subjected to an illness outbreak at a holiday village in Rhodes?

Simpson Millar LLP's Specialist Travel Lawyers and litigators are experts in Rhodes Holiday Illness Claims and we claim compensation on a no win no fee basis. We can you with your complaint against tour operators such as Olympic Holidays – Thomas Cook – Thomson and First Choice.

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News - Rhodes Holiday Illness News

Simpson Millar helped holidaymakers who stayed at the Rhodes Holiday Village in Kolymbia recover compensation from the UK tour operator, First Choice Holidays, following a mass outbreak of illness at the resort in July 2010.

This was following the Sunday Mirror newspaper headline. "Brits hit by hotel bug." The newspaper went on the say that, at one stage, 12 ambulances were lined up to ferry British holidaymakers to hospital.

On 3rd August 2010, a large outbreak of illness occurred at the Kalithea Horizon Royal Hotel, where a number of guests, including children, reported suffering from the bug, Salmonella.

Rhodes and its Larger Resorts

The island of Rhodes located in the eastern Aegean Sea. It is the largest of the Dodecanese islands in terms of both land area and population Rhodes has been sheltered from the effects of development and has certainly avoided becoming a full blown urbanized and tourist stricken holiday destination. Its resorts include:

5 Reasons to Visit Rhodes

Rhodes is different from most Greek islands. It is not just the long and beautiful beaches, or the 300 days of sunshine it offers, but because sea and sand you can find throughout Greece. There are many reasons travellers choose Rhodes for a well-earned holiday. If you leave out its beautiful beaches and resorts for a minute, here are 5 reasons to tempt you:

A Rich History - Rhodes offers its visitors a history that goes back thousands of years, to the ages of mythology. The island has hundreds of ancient sites and monuments.

Nature - Rhodes offers an enormous variety of natural beauties and places to visit from snow tipped mountains with a Valley of Butterflies, to rivers winding down to the sea.

Intense Nightlife - There is a large number of night clubs and bars offering entertainment for all tastes and ages in Rhode's seaside resorts.

Culinary Pleasures – The island has an abundance of restaurants offering local Greek and international specialities. Choose a traditional Ouzerie or a selection of Greek mezedes, a variety of dishes and appetizers, which are placed around the table for everyone to taste.

Tradition and Villages - Rhodes is becoming more and more cosmopolitan, but there are still many villages that time has forgotten and that have kept their traditional character.

Hotel Watch - Rhodes

Our specialist Rhodes Holiday Illness and Compensation Lawyers monitor the following tour operators and the hotels listed below for Food Poisoning or waterborne hotel sickness outbreaks:

First Choice & Thomson Food Poisoning and Holiday Complaints Watch

Salmonella Fact: there are several hundred strains of Salmonella Food Poisoning species. Symptoms normally include diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal cramps which can last from days to several weeks.

Thomas Cook & Airtours Holiday Illness Complaints

Cryptosporidium Fact: this waterborne bug is a small parasite. Many human infections by the parasite, Cryptosporidium, have been traced to the contamination of drinking water from agricultural "run-off" and sewage leaks.

Hotel Watch - Olympic Holidays Illness Claims

Campylobacter Fact: Animals can pass the bug to humans, especially cattle and poultry, puppies, kittens, sheep and birds, which are often infected with the Campylobacter bug.

Holiday Hotel Watch

Cosmos Hotel Illness Watch

E. Coli Fact: This 'bug' is the abbreviated name of the bacterium in the family Enterbacteriaceae, named Escerishia (Genus) coli (Species). 0.1% of the bacteria in a healthy human intestine are represented by E. Coli.

Let Simpson Millar's Specialist Travel Lawyers Help You Claim Holiday Compensation

Simpson Millar LLP's Holiday Claims Team has an industry wide reputation for successfully obtaining compensation from holiday companies on behalf of frustrated and often angry holidaymakers who have endured illness in Rhodes.

Our skilled lawyers have worked for most of the major tour operators including: Manos, Direct Holidays, Airtours, Thomas Cook, First Choice Holidays, and Thomson, and we understand how to successfully claim compensation for those who are ill on holiday.

With offices throughout the UK and associates in holiday destinations worldwide you get the reassurance that your Rhodes Holiday Illness Claim will be handled competently.