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Ibiza Holiday Resorts – The Party Island

If you suffered from an illness such as Salmonellosis, Campylobacteriosis, or Cryptosporidiosis whilst on holiday in Ibiza and are looking for advice, contact our specialist lawyers on 0808 145 1353 about making a claim for compensation

  • Do you suspect your holiday was ruined by food poisoning?
  • Did your tour operator claim that nobody else was ill on holiday?
  • Do you require assistance from a holiday illness claims specialist?
  • Did you suffer from Salmonella, Cryptosporidium or Campylobacter infection?

Simpson Millar LLP's Travel Lawyers are experts in holiday sickness claims, and we pursue illness claims on a 'No Win No Fee' basis. We believe holidaymakers travelling with UK tour operators should not be subject to infections such as Salmonella, E. Coli, Shigella, Campylobacter or Cryptosporidium whilst on package holidays abroad.

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Ibiza Holiday Illness Complaints News

A couple, who saw their honeymoon ruined by a hotel illness outbreak in Ibiza, are seeking compensation from Thomas Cook. What should have been a memorable honeymoon in Ibiza with her husband, turned into a nightmare as the new bride required hospital treatment, because she suffered from a severe holiday sickness, stomach cramps and dehydration.

Mrs B. from Gloucestershire, who stayed at the Club Portinatx Hotel, has demanded answers from Thomas Cook as to why their health and safety was put at risk.

Ibiza and its Larger Resorts – Illness Watch

Ibiza is the third largest island in the Balearics archipelago. It claims to have a population of 75,000 inhabitants, although in the summer months this expands, as thousands of the UK population visit Ibiza for their holidays.

Ibiza is a beautiful island, which is well known for its night life, lazy days. With over 50 golden beaches and more than 300 days of sunshine per year it is the place to be in summer. Its resorts include:

Cala Llonga – shimmering sea and white sands, bordered by pine clad hills behind the bay. Quiet nights, dramatic views and sun soaked days on soft sands.

Es Cana – quaint white washed houses overlook the small harbour. Shimmering sands and aquamarine waters, there's a hippy market, with ethnic jewellery and pottery.

Playa D'en Bossa – has the longest beach in Ibiza, lots of water sports and plenty of souvenir shops. Lively beach bars, waterparks and a handy bus service to Ibiza Town.

Port d'es Torrent – white crystalline sands and shallow waters in the sheltered bay. Water sports, diving school, excellent choice of restaurants, cafes and beach bars.

Portinatx – fine golden sandy beaches and balmy waters and also glass bottom boat trips. Visit the hippy market on Sundays, selling leather, jewellery and unique pottery.

San Antonio – buzzing with activity from June to September, gently sloping beaches and azure blue sea. The party vibe of the town is complimented by the laid back atmosphere of the bay.

San Miguel – picturesque pine clad mountains shelter the beach with shallow waters. A selection of bars and restaurants line the beach front, perfect for relaxing meals.

Santa Eulalia – powdery soft and spotless beaches, calm blue waters. Water sports and for sightseeing a pretty whitewashed church overlooks the town.

Ibiza Holiday Illness Hotels – Claim Compensation

Holiday illness is not inevitable, and you certainly do not expect to catch illness bugs due to food poisoning, unhygienic conditions or poor food handling practices at your hotel.

If you suffered from a debilitating bout of holiday illness whilst abroad, then powerful consumer protection legislation in the form of the 1992 Package Travel Regulations will help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Our specialist Ibiza Holiday Illness Claims Experts monitor the following hotels listed below under their respective tour operator for food poisoning or waterborne sickness outbreaks:

First Choice Holiday Illness and Food Poisoning Complaints

Salmonella Fact: There are 20,000-30,000 cases, and over 100 outbreaks of Salmonella Food Poisoning reported each year in the UK. The majority are due to Salmonella Enteritidis with a strong association with the consumption of undercooked eggs, egg products and poultry.

Thomas Cook and Airtours Holiday Illness Claims

E. Coli Fact: Like Salmonella, Cryptosporidium and Campylobacter the people who are especially at risk of E. Coli infection are usually the young, the old, and those who are already ill and with weakened immune systems.

Thomson Holiday Illness and Food Poisoning Claims

Campylobacter Fact: The main source of Campylobacter is poultry, meat, untreated milk, 'bird-pecked' milk, untreated water, contact with domestic animals and shellfish. Like Salmonella it is commonly contracted by holidaymakers who experience poor hygiene standards at their hotel.

Holiday Hotel Watch

Cosmos Holidays Illness Complaints and Claims

Cryptosporidium Fact: Cryptosporidium is a parasite which is usually a self-limiting diarrhoeal illness. The parasites are often excreted in the faeces of infected persons, and the illness is spread easily from person to person in water, due to its resistance to chlorine.

Jet2Holidays Food Poisoning and Illness Complaints

Food Poisoning Fact: Bacillary dysentery is primarily a human disease often acquired abroad by drinking water contaminated with human faeces or by eating food washed with contaminated water.

Simpson Millar Specialist Lawyers Can Help You Claim Compensation

Simpson Millar LLP's Holiday Lawyers have an industry wide reputation for achieving excellent results, in obtaining compensation from tour operators, on behalf of those holidaymakers who have suffered an illness abroad. Our skilled lawyers have worked for most of the major tour operators and we understand how to successfully claim holiday illness compensation.

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With offices throughout the UK, and associates in holiday destinations worldwide, you get the reassurance that your holiday illness claim will be handled competently.