Holiday Illness Claims

Holiday Illness Claims – Your Options

Holiday Illness Claims – Funding Your Claim


Holidaymakers seeking to maximise the amount of compensation they receive from their tour operators can choose to ring fence the first £1,000 received.

First £1,000 of Your Compensation is Ring-Fenced

  • The first £1,000 of compensation recovered from your tour operator is exempt from our legal fees (see Terms & Conditions).
  • We will claim a maximum of 25% of the compensation you recover above £1,000 as a success fee for winning your holiday illness claim.

You keep 100% of the first £1,000 of compensation.

Terms and Conditions

Simpson Millar LLP’s funding option is available to those holidaymakers who enter into Conditional Fee Agreements (commonly known as No Win No Fee Funding) with our firm, and provided our advice is taken regarding costs protection insurance.

This option applies only to holiday illness claims concerning foreign holidays and package travel where the Claimant has suffered food poisoning or a gastric illness valued by us at £1,000 or more for pain and suffering.

These promotions apply only to claims funded by Conditional Fee Agreement (no win no fee agreement) and not to other forms of funding.

We will recover most of our fees from the negligent tour operator upon the successful conclusion of your claim, although you agree that your compensation will be paid to us directly so that we can deduct any outstanding fees at the end of the claim.

First £1,000 Compensation Ring Fenced

  • Simpson Millar is entitled to recover fees up to a maximum of 25% of any relevant compensation you receive above £1,000.

Contact our friendly holiday illness claims for further advice on the options available from Simpson Millar Solicitors.