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Holiday Food Poisoning Treatment

Holidaymakers who are ill on holiday should seek treatment from their GP as soon as they return home if they suspect that they suffered from food or water poisoning whilst on holiday. Early action may reduce the duration of the symptoms of food poisoning and the impact of painful stomach cramps.

Immediate medical treatment should be sought from a General Practitioner if any of the following symptoms are experienced: profuse and water diarrhoea – abdominal cramping – flu-like symptoms - a temperature – bloody stools and headaches, particularly if any of these symptoms last longer than 48 hours.

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Holiday Illness Food Poisoning

Once you have contacted your doctor phone Simpson Millar on 0808 145 1353 or complete the on-line enquiry form for advice on making a holiday illness complaint against your tour operator.

Food Poisoning and the Airborne Virus

Airborne viruses normally pass with 72 hours and many travellers’ suffering from a viral infection do not go on to develop diarrhoea. Nausea & vomiting without diarrhoea should not be treated with antibiotics as it is unlikely they will help to alleviate the symptoms.

Holidaymakers who develop debilitating and prolonged diarrhoea, especially associated with vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, fever or blood in the stools, do benefit from antibiotic treatment. The most common antibiotic used to treat enteric bacterial infections is Ciprofloxacin, whilst Metronidiazole is often prescribed if a parasitic infection is suspected.

There is no antibiotic treatment against viral infections such as Norovirus or winter flu so if your hotel doctor treats you with antibiotics then suspect the hotel food.

Food Poisoning Complaint in Egypt

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Whilst Simpson Millar's expert travel lawyers handle food poisoning claims world-wide, Egypt is the most common holiday destination for severe infective gastroenteritis.

Warning – holidaymakers diagnosed with viruses who are prescribed antibiotics in Egypt should be concerned. Antibiotics such as Antinal and Streptoquin are completely ineffective against viruses and diarrhoea. These strong antibiotics often cause side effects and as a consequence they are not prescribed by doctors in the UK. Steptoquin is known to cause serious neurological side-effects to an unacceptably high number of travellers.

Travel Lawyers – Call the Food Poisoning Complaints Experts

If you have been treated with Antinal – Streptoquin – Flagil tablets – Metronidiazole or Ciprofloxacin contact Simpson Millar LLP on 0808 145 1353 or complete the enquiry box. Our friendly lawyers offer advice and assistance to those whose package holidays are marred by sickness.

Our specialist travel law team handle hundreds of holiday claims every year against the biggest tour operators in the UK including First Choice – Virgin Holiday – Thomson – Thomas Cook etc. If you experienced food poisoning whilst abroad call us today for no nonsense, straight talking advice about making a claim for your holiday food poisoning.