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Preventing Food Poisoning Abroad

Every year thousands of holidaymakers make complaints about contracting food poisoning whilst on holiday abroad to their tour operator. In almost every case the devastating symptoms of the illness experienced can be avoided if tour operators and their hotels had taken reasonable care.

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Could your Food Poisoning Have Been Prevented?

Yes. There are basic food handling principles which if applied correctly minimise the probability that the food you eat will be contaminated by bacteria such as Salmonella, parasites such as Cryptosporidium and viruses such as Norovirus.

The World Health Organisation has recommended 5 principles to preventing food poisoning:

  • Keep raw and cooked food separate to prevent cross-contamination
  • Wash and cook food in clean water and only use safe ingredients
  • Keep food at correct temperatures
  • Cook food at the appropriate temperature and for the correct length of time
  • Adopt measure to prevent infected humans and animals contaminating food

In the UK the Foods Standards Agency promotes the fours 'C's as core principles for reducing the risk of food poisoning. These principles focus on cleaning, cooking, chilling and cross-contamination.


Bacteria cannot be seen but exist on almost everything we come into contact with making our hands the most obvious route for transmission after food.

Your kitchen work top is contaminated and so are the utensils you use to prepare food.

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Because bacteria can live inside food (Salmonella lives inside eggs) it is imperative to cook food at a high enough temperature that it will kill the bacteria.

Raw food such as fruit and vegetables cause food poisoning because the bacteria has not been destroyed by cooking.

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Bacteria thrives and multiplies on food left at room temperature but cannot do so if it is stored at a cold temperature. Food that has been cooked and left to cool should be placed inside a fridge as soon as possible and kept separated from other food.

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Bacteria can spread quickly from one type of food to another. For example using tongs to pick up raw bloody meat and then using the same tongs to pick up cooked meat (eg a barbecue) will transfer blood from the raw meat to the cooked meat.

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Have You Contracted Food Poisoning?

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