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Food Poisoning On Holiday

Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors are experts in holiday food poisoning claims. If you or a member of your family suffered illness during a package holiday we can help you claim compensation from your tour operator. We can also explain:

  • How to make a make a food poisoning claim
  • Whether your claim is covered by the 1992 Package Travel Regulations
  • How your complaint will be handled by your tour operator
  • How much your food poisoning claim is worth

Our holiday lawyers specialise in pursuing claims for UK travellers who contract food poisoning abroad. Speak to our friendly team of experts for no nonsense, straight talking advice. The initial assessment of your claim is free and we will be able to advise you whether your case is suitable for No Win No Fee funding.

We are experienced in helping those who are ill

Holiday Salmonella

In recent years, Simpson Millar LLP’s travel lawyers have dealt with thousands of UK tourists who have suffered illness on holiday due to the unsanitary conditions experienced at their hotel.

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Travellers who contract food poisoning are advised to speak to a specialist travel solicitor because bringing a claim in the UK can be difficult.

Those who sustain food poisoning abroad may have the benefit of powerful consumer legal protection in the form of the 1992 Package Travel Regulations. The regulations are likely to apply provided you purchased a holiday in the UK consisting of flights and hotel accommodation at an inclusive price.

Strengthen your food poisoning claim

If you return home ill seek help immediately from your GP, particularly if you suspect food poisoning. The diagnosis given by your doctor following a positive stool test may also speed up the process of bringing your claim to a successful conclusion.

You will have saved long and hard for their annual holiday abroad, and so you should be compensated for the upset caused together with your pain and suffering. Tour operators and their hotel suppliers have a duty to ensure that food is fit for human consumption. You should not be subjected to illness from contaminated food.

Information for holidaymakers

E. coli, salmonella and campylobacter are the most common causes of Travellers’ Diarrhoea. The consumption of such bacteria often results in food poisoning amongst UK holidaymakers. Whilst anyone can become infected, bacteria are usually picked up by eating raw or undercooked meat (usually chicken) or from poor hygiene practices in a hotel’s kitchens where cross-contamination during food preparation occurs.

Infection can also result from drinking untreated water and ice or unpasteurised milk, or from direct contact with infected animals, particularly birds and their faeces.

Bacterial food poisoning can last for several weeks so if you become a victim you should ensure that you remain hydrated. In most cases the symptoms resolve without medical intervention or antibiotics.

Holidaymakers should be wary when hotel doctors prescribe antibiotics such as Streptoquin, Antinal or Rifacol because these drugs can mask the detection of the bacteria and cause secondary issues. Certain antibiotics are not recommended by UK health professionals.

Other causes of food poisoning

The other most common causes of food poisoning for UK travellers include infection from giardia lamblia – and shigella, all of which exhibit symptoms associated with infective gastroenteritis.

The symptoms normally present themselves several days after ingesting contaminated food and include diarrhoea, severe abdominal cramps, headaches, fever and nausea. Whilst most bouts of illness are short lived, the consequences of dehydration can be serious if untreated.

Advice for those who are ill abroad

We advise you to be vigilant about hotel food hygiene standards whilst abroad and to report any concerns to your tour representative. If you are suffering from food poisoning due to unsanitary conditions you are usually not alone. It is important that you obtain the details and contact numbers of your fellow victims as collectively your compensation claims will be evidentially stronger.

Holiday food poisoning complaints

Holidaymakers who return home ill will often contact their tour operator directly to make a complaint without involving solicitors who specialise in this area of law. Simpson Millar LLP’s solicitors are aware that the legal teams of some tour operators often attempt to settle claims with low value holiday vouchers or for an amount worth a fraction of a claims true value,

We regularly hear of holidaymakers who have been seriously ill accepting £500 for a salmonella food poisoning claim which we would value in excess of £5,000. We advise all travellers to seek legal advice from a specialist travel solicitor before accepting compensation – why let a tour operator take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge and skill?

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