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First Choice Illness Complaint

Legal Advice for those Ill on a First Choice Holiday

If your package holiday abroad with First Choice Holidays was spoilt by food poisoning or gastric illness as a consequence of unhygienic conditions you suffered call our dedicated complaints line today for advice on:

  • How to complain about a First Choice holiday
  • Going it alone – but will you be compensated fairly by your tour operator?
  • What is my First Choice salmonella illness complaint worth?
  • Contact your specialist holiday lawyer today for no win no fee advice

How do First Choice Handle Illness Complaints?

In our experience, First Choice’s Customer Legal team will avoid admitting liability for your holiday illness to avoid paying compensation, especially if nobody else has made a complaint. The tour operator will often state that it requires 6 months to investigate before suggesting that no problems with the hotel were identified. In reality they review their in-house health and safety data system and then write to you using standard paragraphs, using a 6 month delay to frustrate you in the hope that you will not continue to pursue the claim.

We have experienced First Choice contacting holidaymakers on the date they arrive home offering undervalued compensation amounts. If you reported illness in resort – particularly at the Holiday Village Red Sea in Egypt – expect a call offering compensation of up to £1000.

Complaints Advice for First Choice Holiday Illness

  • Don't settle for less compensation than you deserve

    If you have an illness complaint, we advise you to take advice from a holiday complaints lawyer, as First Choice's Customer Legal Department could take advantage of your lack of legal skill and knowledge.

  • There is nothing stopping you finding out how much your claim could be worth

    Find out how much your case is worth first, and remember no settlement involving a child is legally binding without the courts approval. In addition, if you settle directly with First Choice then your travel insurers may seek to recover the cost of medical treatment as this should be incorporated as an extra within your personal claim.

Types of First Choice Illness Complaints

Holiday Hotel Watch

Diarrhoea and painful stomach cramps are commonly experienced by travellers abroad, but contrary to the belief of some of First Choice’s Representatives, change in climate, dehydration, viruses, heat etc. are not the only causes of illness abroad. The most common cause of Traveller’s diarrhoea is bacterial food poisoning from: campylobacter; salmonella; E. coli and shigella sonnei.

Know the value of your First Choice Illness Complaint

We are able to estimate the value of your claim based on current case law and JC guidelines on food poisoning and other gastric illnesses, and this advice can be obtained on a No Win No Fee Basis.

Our travel lawyers are waiting to advise you of the value of your First Choice illness claim.

Complaints and the Package Travel Regulations 1992

Why am I entitled to compensation?

If you have a valid complaint, First Choice is liable pursuant to Regulation 15 of the 1992 Package Travel Regulations for breaching your holiday contract. Holidaymakers should not be exposed to illness though contaminated food or poor hygiene. Being diagnosed with bacterial food-borne infection or a water-borne infection such as cryptosporidium, whilst on a First Choice holiday, is indicative of valid complaint which deserves compensation.

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If your package holiday abroad with First Choice Holidays was spoilt by food poisoning or gastric illness and as a consequence of unhygienic conditions you suffered diarrhoea – vomiting – stomach cramps – fever and dehydration, call our dedicated complaints line.