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Despite the emergence of food safety guidelines by the World Health Organisation, a large number of UK holidaymakers are expected to suffer food poisoning whilst staying in Egyptian hotels in 2014. Holiday bugs which cause gastric illness are prevalent in Egypt with unsanitary conditions often causing severe bouts of dysentery.

What are my rights if I am ill in Egypt?

If you buy a package holiday your well-being is the responsibility of the operator which organised your tour. Quite simply, it is their responsibility to ensure that you arrive at a clean hotel. The food has to be safe to eat, and all the facilities, from your bathroom to the hotel pool, must be hygienic.

If food safety was an issue and the problem was down to the hotel, you should be able to claim compensation from your tour operator. In these circumstances you have 3 years to claim.

Compensation for your Egypt holiday illness

Our holiday claims team deals with dozens of compensation claims a year from travellers who have fallen ill in Egypt. This does not make Egypt unsafe as a destination – it's a beautiful country and its people are extremely friendly.

Egypt can be very hot, which means operators and hoteliers have their work cut out to keep food safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, Egypt has a minority of unscrupulous hotel owners who don't take the care they should.

Food poisoning from salmonella is especially common in Egypt. Travellers to Egypt are often ill because food is undercooked and poorly-prepared, and food handlers use the same utensils for raw meat and cooked food.

Salmonella food poisoning can leave you suffering with diarrhoea, vomiting and high fever. If your illness is not treated as soon as possible, you could experience a secondary medical condition, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or kidney dehydration.

If you are the victim of Salmonellosis on a holiday in Egypt, please get in touch with out travel team as we may be able to help you claim compensation.

Holiday illness in Egypt - tour operators

Specialist Lawyers at Simpson Millar LLP can help you if you become ill while you're on a package holiday or tour in Egypt.

To keep on top of reports of sickness, our Egyptian Holiday Illness claims team closely monitor a list of Egyptian hotels supplied by these major British tour companies:

  • Airtours
  • Cosmos
  • First Choice
  • Thomson
  • Thomas Cook
  • Virgin Holidays

If illness ruined your much-needed holiday and you want to claim compensation call our friendly, experienced experts on 0808 145 1353 or complete our online form.

Sites to check before booking

Take a look at the following:

These are excellent resources for finding out if the Egyptian hotels you are thinking of booking have been affected by outbreaks of illness or bugs in the past. You'll also be able to see if other tourists have experience of becoming unwell because of food poisoning.

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