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Cuba Holiday Illness Claims

British holidaymakers regularly experience food poisoning whilst on holiday in Cuba as a result of inadequate hygiene and poor food safety standards. Classic symptoms of food poisoning are diarrhoea, fever and abdominal cramps. Travellers have also been subjected to cholera on the island which is a serious illness often linked to polluted water and seafood.

Can I expect to be ill in Cuba?

Holidaymakers place their trust in a tour operator to deliver hotels to the advertised standard whether it’s 4, 3 or 2 star rated accommodation. A basic expectation by most travellers on package holidays is that the services and facilities which enticed them into buying the holiday are readily available when they get there. Food and drinks should be free from contaminants likely to cause illness and fit for human consumption.

Cuba's lovely – but holiday illness isn't

There are few finer holiday destinations than Cuba: fabulous coast; welcoming and fun-loving people; and an intoxicating Caribbean combination of modern Central America and olde-worlde Spain.

What could be better?

Unfortunately, Cuba is not always the perfect exotic holiday destination portrayed in the glossy brochures produced by most tour operators. Like many hot far away destinations, its hotels may not comply with basic food safety standards.

Poor hygiene standards inevitably result in food poisoning outbreaks and Cuba has had more than its fair share of compensation claims lately. Simpson Millar LLP’s lawyers have recently made large claims for holidaymakers returning from the Sol Cayo Coco, Melia Las Dunas and Hotel Playa Pesquero.

We have successfully pursued other claims against variety of UK tour operators but the majority have related to package holidays sold by Thomas Cook and Airtours.

So what can you do?

Claim compensation if you suffer sickness in Cuba

Holiday illness in Cuba

When you buy a package holiday your tour operator is responsible for your wellbeing. The hotel accommodation that you choose from a brochure or web page should be clean and reasonable safe to reduce the risk of bacteria causing food poisoning.

So if you or a member of your family suffers from food poisoning at a hotel in Cuba, the compensation you are entitled to should be claimed from your tour company.

As long as your Cuban break took place in the last 36 months and your illness was the hotel's or tour operators fault, you are likely to have a strong case for compensation.

Our solicitors frequently assist tourists who have become unwell whilst on holiday in Cuba. We often help groups of 20 or more travellers struck with illness to make compensation claims.

What are the typical health problems on a Cuban holiday?

Food poisoning is the most common cause of sickness to ruin British holidays, with many problems related to the bacteria campylobacter, E. coli and salmonella. However, waterborne outbreaks are also common in Cuba.

Extra precautions are needed if an illness outbreak is caused by cryptosporidium or giardia lamblia. These parasites often lurk in unclean swimming pools. Recently there have been instances of the mosquito-borne Dengue Fever, and in 2002 this influenza-like virus struck over 3000 people.

Which Cuban destinations should I watch out for?

Our no-win, no-fee claims service covers hotels in Cuba provided you booked a package holiday pursuant to the 1992 Package Travel Regulation. For example, the hotels sold by Thomas Cook, Airtours, and Thomson are all regulated. For further information on the hotels available see Thomas Cook, Airtours, and Thomson.

Did anyone else suffer illness?

Have you been unwell after getting back from Cuba?

A quick visit to Trip Advisor, Holiday Watchdog and and you will be able to see if anyone else had problems. Perhaps there was a more extensive outbreak and other people suffered food poisoning at your hotel?

Dated: 17/01/2014

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