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£6,400 Compensation for Holiday Illness in Dominican Republic

Author: Date: June 2019

Client Situation

A couple from the UK booked an all-inclusive package holiday through Thomson Holidays at the Dreams Beach Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, but fell ill after arriving.

The female holidaymaker was the first to fall ill, suffering from stomach cramps and vomiting, which in turn made it difficult for her to sleep at night. Furthermore, her symptoms were so severe that she couldn’t eat for another 2 weeks and suffered diarrhoea for 8 days.

The male holidaymaker fell ill 2 days after his partner, and initially felt nauseous when he woke up and then also experienced stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea. These symptoms continued throughout the rest of their holiday in the Dominican Republic and after they returned back home.

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How We Helped

After returning to the UK, the couple got in touch with our expert team of Holiday Illness Claims Solicitors to obtain compensation.

Their case was taken on by Holiday Claims Lawyer Simon Lomax, who sent a letter to the couple’s tour operator Thomson Holidays. We also arranged medical examinations for the couple in order to identify both the symptoms and possible causes of their illnesses.

Our medical expert concluded that the couple were both suffering from severe gastroenteritis, a serious stomach and bowel infection. This kind of illness if often the result of poor hygiene practices, such as a person not washing their hands after going to the toilet and then handling food or cooking utensils.

The medical evidence we obtained enabled us to prove beyond reasonable doubt that poor food hygiene standards at the Dreams Beach Punta Cana were responsible for the couple’s illness and the subsequent impact on their holiday.

The Outcome

After viewing the medical report, Thomson Holidays agreed to pay compensation to the couple, with the man receiving £4,200 and the woman being awarded £2,200.