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Surrey friends finally win £16,750 compensation from Thomas Cook after Tunisian illness

James Blower - Senior Holiday Claims Specialist

Dated: 4th February 2016

Two best friends and their sons have successfully ended their long-running battle with Thomas Cook after finally receiving compensation from the tour operator for the illnesses they contracted whilst on holiday at the Vinnci Djerba Resort, Tunisia in 2012.

The friends and their sons were represented by Simpson Millar’s Travel Team who helped them pursue claims against Thomas Cook Tour Operations Limited for the failures during their holiday that had led to the party falling ill.

Illness nightmare

Holiday sickness complaints

Five days into their 7 night all-inclusive holiday the two ladies and their three sons all began suffering with symptoms of extreme yellow diarrhoea and severe stomach cramps. These symptoms badly affected them for the rest of the holiday and they continued to suffer even after they had arrived home.

Once they were back in the UK they all visited their doctor as they were concerned about their continuing symptoms. Their GP arranged for a stool sample to be taken, an important step in correctly identifying any bacterial pathogen.

The results showed one of the boys had tested positive for a nasty infective bug called Cryptosporidium.

What is Cryptosporidium?

Cryptosporidium is a sickness bug that is commonly associated with swimming pool water that has been infected with human faeces. Faecal accidents in swimming pools that are not cleared away properly and where the pool is not shut for a period of at least 24 hours provide the perfect environment for this bug to thrive.

Cryptosporidium can also be contracted when food handling staff at the hotel fail to wash their hands after going to the toilet and then handle food that hotel guests subsequently eat.

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How we can help make a claim for compensation

We were able to help the party pursue their claims for the illnesses they contracted at the hotel using the 1992 Package Travel Regulations

The friends were able to provide a number of crucial observations about the hygiene practices carried out at the hotel which included:

  • Food was left uncovered for long periods of time
  • Fresh food in the buffet was being mixed in with the older food
  • Food served at lunch was being reused for evening meals
  • Food, including eggs, were undercooked and served cold
  • Faecal accidents in the swimming pool were not cleared up
  • The swimming pool water was very dirty
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Compensation claim success

This helped us successfully win the claims and the friends received compensation awards of £8,500 and £6,500 respectively for their nightmare holiday illnesses

Great Service – Professional and understanding

After finally receiving their compensation cheques, both ladies were kind enough to praise the great service that they had received from James Blower, Senior Holiday Claims Solicitor at Simpson Millar. Mrs H commented that;

"James Blower was very approachable and happy to explain fully what was happening. He was understanding and supportive of the situation".

Mrs T added that James was "Very supportive and I feel has given appropriate advice all along".

Holiday Illness Claim Travel Law Solicitors

Simpson Millar are currently assisting a number of holidaymakers with their claims against Thomas Cook as well as Thomson and First Choice for gastric illness suffered in destinations such as Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Spain as well as long-haul destinations such as Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic which have recently become more popular due to the recent troubles in Egypt. We can help you too.

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