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£16,800 Compensation from Thomas Cook for Illness at Melia Sharm Hotel, Egypt

Holiday Illness Claims Specialist Claire Rabbetts

Dated: 13th January 2016

Simpson Millar has recently concluded a case for a couple from Birmingham whose holiday was ruined as a result of the poor standards at the hotel and the gastric illnesses they each suffered.

The couple approached Simpson Millar seeking representation against Thomas Cook, as a result of their experiences. During their holiday the couple witnessed undercooked food being served to holidaymakers, food handling staff failing to wear gloves or hairnets when handling and serving food and dirty food service areas.

Egypt holidaymakers complain about being ill on IV drip

The couple were also provided with a sub-standard hotel room, which was overrun with ants, and had problems with the drainage system. The couple described the hotel as being very unclean, which resulted in them having to move rooms on four separate occasions until a room of a satisfactory quality and standard was sourced.

Medical evidence was obtained by Simpson Millar from an expert gastroenterologist who was able to closely link the poor standards of hygiene and the sub-standard services at the hotel with the couples illnesses and symptoms.

Thomas Cook accepted that the couple’s illnesses were caused as a result of the failings at the hotel and entered into settlement negotiations to resolve matters.

Claire Rabbetts of Simpson Millar who ran the cases to conclusion confirmed that her clients were very pleased with the outcome of the case and the fact that Thomas Cook realised the errors of their ways and compensated them for their ruined holiday and the illnesses they each contracted. Claire’s clients are looking forward to putting the whole experience behind them and they have confirmed that they will be more wary when travelling abroad to an all-inclusive hotel again in future.

Simpson Millar represents hundreds of holidaymakers each year that have returned from Egypt with nasty bacterial illnesses and we would be interested to hear from you if you have had a similar experience. You may be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation just like this Birmingham couple.