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£3,750 Compensation for Illness at Coral Sea Waterworld Resort, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

James Blower - Senior Holiday Claims Specialist

Dated: 11th April 2016

The Coral Sea Waterworld Resort in Egypt touts a favourable African climate and family focussed aquatic fun with a swathe of swimming pools and slides that can be found at the waterpark, making it an attractive package holiday destination. Located in Nabq Bay with the beach just over half an hour away, the resort has four restaurants and a host of other features that should have made this resort in Sharm El Sheikh a wonderful place for our client and their family to visit, but their holiday illness led to a nightmare holiday.

Diarrhoea Ruins British Family Holiday

Our client's partner became ill only a few days into their break at the popular Egyptian resort, suffering from diarrhoea and gastric distress that ruined their chance to enjoy the swimming focussed resort with their children.

The children managed to enjoy most of their time at the resort, but became ill with similar symptoms to our clients partner the day before the end of the holiday, making the return flight home very uncomfortable.

Our client was able to make it home before symptoms began to manifest, meaning that while he was able to look after his family while away and on the return journey, he missed work soon after returning to the UK.

Nightmare Egyptian Holiday Causes

In instances such as these where a family suffer from the same symptoms of diarrhoea and stomach discomfort within a short time of each other, it's often the result of food poisoning or an infection contracted from the swimming pool such as cryptosporidium. Generally food poisoning is the result of poor hygiene, with many foreign hotel restaurants making the following food errors:

Issues like Cryptosporidium are caused by lack of proper swimming pool maintenance. Swimming pools can provide a perfect environment for harmful bacteria and infections to grow and spread, which is why it's important for resorts that feature pools to take proper precautions.

You may have noticed that many pools have a distinct chemical smell; this is usually due to disinfectants being used to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria from growing and being spread. If you can't smell that distinct scent, then there's a good chance that your resort isn’t properly maintaining their pool.

What Our Client Claimed Compensation For

The amount of compensation that can be claimed for package holiday illness depends on certain criteria which can include how much of the vacation was ruined, how severe the symptoms and infection are and how your quality of life may be affected after being ill.

Although our client's initial symptoms subsided after 3 days, it took them 3 weeks for their digestive health to return to normal. Another factor to consider is how distressing the symptoms are to those affected and in this instance; as well as his own suffering, our client had to witness his family in a state of distress.

Compensation can also be awarded for loss of income due to being unable to work, as our client was unable to do so due to his holiday illness.

Advice on Taking Antinal in Egypt

Following a holiday illness of this nature it’s generally advisable to seek some sort of medical advice and if appropriate take medication to help with your symptoms. Our client purchased Antinal for himself and his family, which is the brand name for Nifuroxazide; a drug which currently is not licensed for use in the UK. Our client experienced side-effects which included swelling of the neck and face, as well as a purple rash to develop.

Because of this we recommend only taking medication that you are familiar with or know won't cause you any unforeseen complications, and that you consult a medical professional who is familiar with your medical history before taking anything new.

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£3,750 Holiday Illness Compensation

As a result of poor hygiene at the Coral Sea Waterworld Resort, he has been awarded £3,750 compensation, as well as for the emotional suffering that he went through.

What to Do if You Become Ill in Sharm El Sheikh

If you have experienced a holiday illness like the one that we have detailed here at the Coral Sea Waterworld Resort in Egypt or at any other resort, then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

It's important to seek out medical advice and make sure that your tour operator and the staff at your resort are aware of your condition while abroad, but when you return home to the UK, seek out specialised legal advice before pursuing a claim.

It only takes our Holiday Claims team a few minutes to advise you if you're able to make a claim, and we are able to take on all cases on a 'no win no fee' basis, meaning that you only need to pay us if we win compensation for you. So if you think that you have a claim for holiday illness, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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