Holiday Illness Claims
Holiday compensation for Catalonia Royal Bavaro Hotel illness, Dominican Republic

Thomas Cook Admits Liability For E-Coli

We are currently dealing with a case where our holidaymaker client suffered E-Coli following her stay at the Paradisus Rio de Ora Resort & Spa Hotel, Guardalavaca, Holguin, Cuba.


The following allegations regarding sub-standards and poor levels of hygiene at the hotel were raised as part of our client’s complaint:

Hygiene concerns of firds in holiday restaurants and droppings on the plates
  • There was algae in the swimming pools at the hotel
  • The food was often left uncovered
  • There were birds in the restaurants and staff allowed birds to peck at the food and there were bird droppings on the plates
  • The hotel served undercooked food
  • The public areas and bathrooms were unclean
  • The hotel rooms were musty


E-coli is a form of bacteria which lives in the intestines of animals and humans. Just a single strain of E.Coli can cause severe diarrhoea and on occasions kidney damage.

E.coli can be contracted by eating undercooked meat, usually beef. It can also be contracted through eating contaminated fruit and vegetables or drinking unpasteurised juices, milk or even contaminated water. Unfortunately, it can spread from person to person.

Individuals who have contracted E.Coli usually suffer symptoms of severe diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and blood is often seen in stools. However, fever is not usually present. Symptoms usually appear around three to four days after exposure, but can present after only one day or up to 10 days after exposure.

Algae in the swimming pools at the hotel causing illness

Most people do recover within a short period of time. However, on occasions an illness such as this, can lead to long term complications and it is therefore always advisable to seek medical attention if you suffer symptoms of this nature during your holiday or foreign travels.

Help and Assistance

If you have travelled to the Paradisus Rio de Ora Resort and Spa Hotel or any other hotel in Cuba and have been affected in a similar way, then we would urge you to seek medical attention.

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