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Holidaymaker receives £4,250 compensation following salmonella poisoning at Turkish hotel

A young Glasgow woman has been awarded compensation following a bout of food poisoning which originated at her Turkish hotel.

Medical assessment

Holiday Illness May 2014

Illness struck as our client was on holiday at Suntopia Pegasus World in Side, Turkey

Poor hygiene caused hotel salmonella

According to Simpson Millar's Amanda Dunford, the 22 year-old contracted salmonella as a result of poor standards and hygiene practises at the hotel.

"The symptoms were typical of salmonella infection: diarrhoea, cramps, headache, vomiting, nausea and hot and cold shivers."

Since our client was on holiday with her family, her illness affected her nearest and dearest as well as herself.

"She was unable to take a boat excursion as the family had planned, nor could she visit other friends who were staying at a hotel nearby," Amanda said. "It was an exceptionally unpleasant experience."

On her return to the UK, our client attended a Glasgow hospital A&E, which referred her for overnight admission.

"Our client lost no time off work, as she used her annual leave," Amanda pointed out. "Unfortunately because she was bedridden, this was completely wasted."

"Holiday illnesses are becoming predictable"

Amanda concluded that while such illnesses at foreign hotels are entirely preventable, they are also becoming wearyingly predictable.

"One would expect a big UK tour firm such as TUI to select hotels which implement correct health and safety procedures," she said.

Holiday illness symptoms

Health & safety abroad

Provided simple food hygiene practices are followed, salmonella is preventable

Compensation claim for illness on package holiday

"However, it appears that TUI has not learnt from its mistakes, since 12 months on more holidaymakers have reported falling ill at the same hotel.

"In this case, the defendant would not admit liability. But settlement was agreed nonetheless."

After receiving compensation of £4,250, our client expressed her delight with the outcome.

"Our client was unaware that she could even bring a claim against the tour operator for the salmonella infection" Amanda said.

"This demonstrates that, if you fall ill under similar circumstances while staying in a hotel overseas, there's a very real likelihood a compensation claim will be successful. Since a claim needn't cost you anything, it's a route that's well worth taking."

Holiday illness compensation

£4,250 compensation claim agreed

"She didn't imagine she would receive this amount of compensation," Amanda said.

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