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Holiday Claims

£12,000 compensation after holiday illness ruins Red Sea honeymoon in Egypt

A Kent man whose idyllic Egyptian honeymoon was spoilt by gastric illness has won £12,000 compensation from his hotel's tour company Thomson.

Medical assessment

Sharm El Sheikh Honeymoon

Celebrating with his bride at the Tropicana Rosetta and Jasmine Club in Egypt, June 2013

Doctor called 3 times

According to Simpson Millar's James Blower, the 14-night honeymoon was completely ruined for the 45 year-old and his wife.

"Our client initially suffered severe stomach cramps, vomiting and explosive diarrhoea," James explained. "This continued for the rest of the newlyweds' holiday. A local doctor was summoned to our client's hotel room 3 times."

Problems from the start

The newlyweds encountered problems almost from the moment they checked in. "We were given 2 separate beds," our client said. "This was not what we'd expected, especially since they knew it was our honeymoon.

"We were moved to another room, which overlooked a rubbish area and there were cockroaches about.

"Our shower water was a dirty brown colour and only got better when it had been run for some time. On one occasion we were without water for 2 days, even in the toilet."

Sickness on holiday in Turkey

Poor hygiene throughout hotel complex

Our client cited many more instances of questionable hygiene, including "sloppy" eggs at breakfast, use of the same bowls for different hot and cold foods, dirty plates, cutlery and tablecloths and the likelihood of cross-contamination due to the misuse of kitchen utensils.

"There were always lots of flies in the restaurant," our client added.

Stagnant water entered pool

Beyond the eating areas was a similar story. "One day a fire hose by the swimming pool burst and dirty, stagnant water ran into the pools. After about half an hour someone stopped the leak and mopped up the water, but the pools weren't closed or cleaned."

Although the couple tried to make the most of a bad situation, our client began to feel poorly 4 days into the holiday. "I started feeling funny and my stomach started rumbling. By the next day I was suffering from excruciating cramps and very bad diarrhoea."

Holiday illness symptoms

Doctor administered 2 injections and a course of antibiotics

Severely dehydrated and still experiencing profuse diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach cramps, he attended hospital on his return to the UK

Unable to work for several weeks

"A stool sample proved negative but he continued to suffer with severe symptoms for several weeks after the honeymoon," James Blower continued. "He was unable to work, which meant a loss of earnings, and he was sent home on several occasions because his symptoms were so bad.

"Our client's bowel habit has still not returned to normal and he has ongoing post-infective irritable bowel symptoms that are likely to last a further 2 years."

Diagnosed as 'severe gastric intestinal disorder', James said that our client's illness was undoubtedly caused by poor food and water hygiene standards at the hotel. "The couple didn't eat out of the hotel complex at any time during their entire stay.

"Our client was most upset that his honeymoon had been ruined. The illness and the continuing symptoms had a huge impact on his life once he was back in the UK."

Holiday illness compensation

£12,000 settlement agreed

Compensating our client for the spoiled celebration and the continuing symptoms he has had to endure

Gastric complaints common on all-inclusive holidays

"This case shows that illness can strike any holiday," James concluded. "It also highlights the seriousness of the gastric infections that can be picked up at all-inclusive hotels if health and hygiene standards are very poor, as they were in this instance."

A delighted client said that James Blower had been "friendly and helpful" and had "answered questions quickly".

Illness ignored by holiday rep for 1 week

He added that it took the Thomson rep a full week to document his illness. "Instead of taking action, she put it down to me not drinking enough fluids and I was dehydrated," he said. "She then told me it was 'traveller's diarrhoea'.

"All these assertions were ridiculous. We had been to the country many times before and I know how to behave sensibly."

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