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Thomson pay compensation for food poisoning complaint at Hotel Marti Myra in Turkey

£11,750 Compensation for Thomson food poisoning complaint at Hotel Marti Myra, Turkey

Simpson Millar’s travel solicitors secured substantial damages for our client whose holiday to the Hotel Marti Myra in Turkey was curtailed by food poisoning. The illness spoilt a well-earned holiday to Turkey booked as a 40th wedding celebration with her husband and friends. She has been left with a post-infective IBS, which hinders her everyday life.

Hygiene concerns of firds in holiday restaurants and droppings on the plates

Following allegations that our client suffered gastric illness because the hotel supplied food, which was not fit for human consumption, Thomson’s lawyers agreed to pay her £11,750. Our client attributed her severe bout of diarrhoea, stomach cramps and fever, to the provision of contaminated food and unacceptably poor food hygiene standards at the Turkish hotel.

The Salmonella Food Poisoning Claim wasn't the only Complaint

Our client travelled to the hotel in September 2014 and was upset to find that it was not of the advertised luxurious standard. There was also a mix up with her reservation as she had not been upgraded to the double superior room purchased when making her booking.

These issues were compounded by the quality of the food and the subsequent bout of salmonella food poisoning that she experienced soon after arrival. Thomson did not admit or deny liability. So Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar LLP’s Holiday Illness Manager obtained a medical report, drafted a schedule of loss and complied fully with the Pre Action Protocol for Personal Injury.

Simon Lomax, said:

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Salmonella bacteria frequently cause food poisoning. Every day we eat food, which contains a small number of bacteria, but small numbers of them do not cause illness. Something like one million or more food-poisoning bacteria must be present before a healthy traveller will feel any harmful effects.

On this occasion, my client’s illness was severe and clearly adequate care was not taken by staff at the Hotel Marti Myra when preparing food. She was extremely ill during the holiday, and her symptoms continued for several months following it.

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Thomson Complaint Resolved

"Thomson should have taken more care when selecting and auditing the hotel. It would appear the hotel’s auditing standards have been permitted to slide in recent years."

Our client purchased a package holiday from Thomson as defined by Regulation 2 of the Package Travel [etc.] Regulations 1992. The Regulations enabled us to claim compensation from Thomson through the UK courts on our client's behalf.

Our client described the service provided by Simpson Millar LLP’s travel lawyers, as 'perfect' and she was very pleased with the outcome. Simon Lomax said: "The client was very grateful and thanked me for obtaining substantial compensation for her."

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